DC/AC inverters suit IT and renewable energy needs, says Relec Electronics

Modular DC/AC inverters by Cotek Systems make up the SR-1600-Plus series. They are suitable for IT and renewable energy equipment as well as a wide variety of industrial, telecomms and datacomms applications and are now available from Relec Electronics.

The modular DC/AC inverters feature AC line conditioning and Modbus communication. The series consists of 1600VA inverter modules for either 24V or 48V inputs, a bespoke 2U subrack and a system controller. There are also options for remote control and maintenance bypass switches.

The inverters have 89 to 91 per cent efficiency in DC/AC mode and also provide line conditioning of the AC input supply. This, says Relec, makes them particularly suitable for use with modern IT systems where the incoming primary AC supply can be variable or non-sinusoidal, for example from a generator. The power factor is above 0.99 and maximum AC efficiency is 95 per cent, reports Relec.

The SR-1600-Plus series can be used as a DC/AC inverter, where the input source is a DC or battery supply, and also as AC mode with DC back up with zero transfer time. The inverters can also power share between the AC and DC sources.

To ensure reliable operation, the SR-1600-Plus series accepts a wide range of AC inputs (minimum ± 20 per cent) and provides a regulated, adjustable AC output (± two per cent). The inverters can also split the load between the AC and DC input source. This is particularly suitable for renewable energy applications, where DC supply is not available all the time, or to take advantage of low tariff AC sources, Relec advises.

For communications, in addition to simple network management protocol (SNMP), an RS-485 Modbus port allows users to control and monitor key parameters, such as voltage, output power, internal temperature and protection levels.

Although primarily designed for use with a bespoke 2U subrack, the SR-1600-Plus inverters may be used as standalone units. Blanking panels support unpopulated slots, which can be used for expansion at a later date, as required.

Subracks can be supplied with the SN-1 Plus interface for Ethernet support, or CR-21 for programming at a local level.

The SR-2U2-Plus subrack can accommodate up to four SR-1600-Plus modules, providing between 1600 and 6400VA outputs, with options for redundancy and upgrades.

The system is scalable with up to eight subracks, or 32 modules connected in parallel capable of supplying up to 51.2kVA. Each DC/AC inverter has a footprint of just 105 x 83 x 405mm, operating from a 2U x 509mm subrack.

All units are hot swappable in live systems for uninterrupted operation in sensitive systems during maintenance and system upgrades.


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