DC/DC converters in DFN packages save space, says Relec

Mornsun’s R4 DC/DC converters are now available from Relec Electronics. They are supplied in space saving dual-flat-no-lead (DFN) packages and measure just 9.0 x 7.0 x 3.1mm for high efficiency in space constrained designs.

The fourth generation of R4 series DC/DC converters can save nearly 60 per cent of board space, occupying just 63mm2, compared to 155mm2 for SMD8 footprint DC/DC converters, says Relec. Using the Mornsun R4 DC/DC converters enables developers to make significant space savings and reduce the overall size of distributed power supply systems, low frequency analogue circuits, industrial control, instrumentation and electric power products.

The DC/DC converters are available as non-isolated switching regulators or unregulated DC/DC converters with 3kV isolation.

The R4 Series comprises the K78_MT-500R4 non-isolated switching regulators and the B0505MT-1WR4 is a 1W isolated DC/DC converter.

The K78_MT-500R4 switching regulators provide 500mA of regulated power and are available with outputs from 3.3 to 15V DC from a 4.5 to 36V DC input source.

Efficiencies are up to 92 per cent to allow systems to run cooler without the need for external heatsinks. This not only reduces cost and saves board space, it also increases reliability by running at reduced temperatures, Relec points out.

The K78xxMT-500R4 series operating range is -40 to +105 degrees C.

  The regulators are suitable for industrial control, instrumentation and electric power applications.

The B0505MT-1WR4 is a 1W DC/DC converter with a 5V Dc input and 5V DC output. It operates over an ambient temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees C.

It achieves 3,000V DC isolation and efficiency up to 85 per cent with no heatsink required.

Target applications are distributed power supply systems, digital circuits, low frequency analogue circuits, relay-driven circuits and data switching circuits.

Both the K78_MT-500R4 and the B0505MT-1WR4 are designed in accordance with AEC-Q100, for automotive applications.


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