DC/DC converters in tiny SOIC-16 package offers medical-grade isolation

Supplied in a small SOIC-16 package, the R05CT05S is a low cost 0.5W DC/DC converter from Recom can be handled and placed in the same manner as surface mount devices.

The R05CT05S has set a new price point standard for a high isolation and high power density, claims Recom. The 0.5W DC/DC converter is in a true SMT IC package that can be handled and placed like other surface-mount devices. The R05CT05S has a nominal 5V input (4.5 to 5.5V) and provides a fully regulated, low-noise output, settable by resistor to 3.3 or 5V DC for direct connection to the load or alternatively 3.7 or 5.4V DC to power a downstream LDO for low noise applications.

The DC/DC converter operates with just convection cooling and full output power is available from -40 to +55 degrees C with only 20 per cent derating at 110 degrees C. Maximum ambient temperature is 140 degrees C.

Market-leading isolation of the R05CT05S is 5kV AC/1min, achieving reinforced/800V AC rating to IEC 62368-1 and 2MOPP/250VAC rating to IEC-60601-1 for medical applications up to 5000m altitude. Isolation capacitance is particularly low at 3.5pF typical, making the part suitable for applications with high common-mode, switched voltages such as high-side gate driver power supplies.

Along with a 2.5M hours/55 degrees C mean time between failure (MTBF) rating. Comprehensive protection and control features are provided, including short-circuit immunity, over-temperature shutdown, and under-voltage lockout. The R05CT05S can be synchronised to an external clock and disabled with low standby current by using an on/off control.

The SOIC-16 package of the R05CT05S is in a compact 10.3 x 7.5mm footprint with a low profile of 2.6mm. The converter design leverages an internal 3D power packaging construction with advanced planar transformer technology and fully automated manufacturing.

According to Matthew Dauterive DC/DC product manager of Recom believes the price of the R05CT05S makes it suitable for consideration for general use such as in COM port or industrial PLC I/O power isolation, IoT/IIoT sensors and smart metering as well as in more critical application areas such as gate drives, medical and industrial, where the high shock, vibration, temperature and isolation ratings are a real benefit.


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