Detector boards accelerates development for medical CT imaging

Off the shelf, standalone detector boards, the X-ACE 16 and X-ACE 32 are optimised for value and mainstream medical CT (computed tomography) imaging needs, says Detection Technology. 

The boards are built on a modular platform which covers a wide imaging area and features a high level of integration. A scintillator, a photodiode, ADCs and an FPGA are assembled on a PCB. This simplifies system designs and integration, as well as minimises risks and streamlines the supply chain, says Detection Technology. The platform scales up from 16-slice to 32-slice system configurations to cover a wide range of set-ups and provides 20mm coverage at the isocenter.

The X-ACE joins the tileable CT detector modules, the X-Tile, developed by the company for the highest-tier volumetric CT systems in 2017. 

The company says that the X-ACE 16 has already proven its importance during the Covid-19 pandemic, when 16-slice x-ray imaging systems were in demand for the diagnosis and treatment of Covid patients. 

The X-ACE provides high image quality with low doses at fast scanning speeds. The pixelated ceramic scintillator is fast to improve performance, together with a high-performance frontside-illuminated (FSI) photodiode. The characteristics of the most sensitive and ultra-low dark current photodiode are made possible by using Detection Technology’s proprietary FSI photodiode manufacturing process.

To facilitate and accelerate the system design phase and detector integration, Detection Technology provides global engineering support and a developer kit. Engineering samples of the ACE series are available.

Detection Technology provides x-ray detector products for medical, security, and industrial applications, ranging from photodiodes to optimised detector sub systems with ASICs, electronics, mechanics, software, and algorithms. The company has sites in Finland, China, France and the US.

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