Development kit supports IoT designers with PSA certified protection

A development kit created by Arrow Electronics and Infineon Technologies is PSA-certified to accelerate time to market for IoT devices founded on a PSoC 64 root of trust.

The PSoC 64 IoT Security Workshop development kit is a PSA-certified platform that helps accelerate the development of secure systems using the PSA-certified trusted methodology.

The kit is Arrow’s first PSA-certified product. IoT device developers can use it to align with accepted industry and government standards for electronic security and help ensure compliance with emerging IoT legislation, including NIST 8259A and EN 303 645. The kit has been evaluated by SGS Brightsight, the independent security evaluation laboratory. The kit has been certified to PSA Level 1.

The kit includes the Infineon PSoC 64 Secure AWS IoT Pioneer kit, an Arrow PSoC 6 IoT sensor shield, Shield2Go kits and AWS cloud enablement with certified functional APIs and integrated dashboard for monitoring and visualisation. The PSA-certified Level 2 PSoC 64 silicon offers a root of trust which provides a basis for trusted services such as crypto and secure storage. The development kit is a pre-tested and validated reference design that is built with sensor-to-cloud securityfor end-to-end security, explains Arrow.

The PSA-certified platform uses Amazon FreeRTOS and simplifies programming, deployment, and management of IoT devices. It also eases secure connection to AWS Cloud services for edge. 

The PSC-certified methodology is combined with Arrow’s end-to-end support, which minimises risks for developers and can also reduce costs and accelerate time to market, including security certification of the final product. 

The PSA-certified approach was co-founded by Arm and embodies security goals for consistent cyber-protection and covering the entire device lifecycle. 

Developers using the kit can be sure their devices meet the PSA-certified 10 security goals. Devices are uniquely identifiable and securely attestable. Only authorised software can be executed and that there is support for isolation and secure update while preventing unauthorised rollback. The approach also promotes interaction, which facilitates monitoring and awareness of security status, as well as restricting the secure processing environment to a minimal set of trusted services. The kit also helps developers use the PSoC 64 root of trust and approved Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) for Arm Cortex-M processors. 

“Industry collaboration and standardisation is crucial to secure the future of IoT,” said David Maidment, senior director, secure devices ecosystem at Arm.  

“We are pleased that Arrow Electronics has selected Infineon’s PSA-certified PSoC 64 secured MCUs for their PSA-certified development kit,” said Erik Wood, director of microcontroller security at Infineon. 

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