Diodes pitches single gate logic devices at automotive applications

Infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are two of the target applications for the 74AHC1GxxQ and 74AHCT1GxxQ from Diodes.

The latest additions to the company’s automotive-compliant logic devices are AEC-Q100 grade 1-qualified, manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities. They are also production part approval process (PPAP) –capable, for the automotive supply chain process.

Single gate logic is used extensively in automotive systems, wherever a signal needs to be gated, buffered or inverted, advises Diodes. The 74AHC1GxxQ (standard CMOS) and 74AHCT1GxxQ (TTL compatible) offer two-input single gate solutions for AND, OR, XOR, NAND and NOR gates as well as inverters and buffers. The inverters are available with and without Schmitt trigger inputs and the buffers have three-state outputs with active high or active low output enable.

The CMOS-compatible 74AHC1GxxQ devices operate from a supply voltage of between 2.0V and 5.5V; the TT-compatible 7A4HCT1GxxQ devices operate from a supply of between 4.5V and 5.5V. Propagation delays are typically between 4.5 nanoseconds for the CMOS inverter (74AHC1G04QSE-7) and 5.9 nanoseconds for the TTL-compatible Schmitt Trigger Inverter (74AHCT1G14QSE-7).

The 74AHC1GxxQ and 74AHCT1GxxQ are part of Diodes’ portfolio of automotive 1G logic devices. Diodes uses die dedicated to automotive-compliant devices, a technique which removes circuitry under the bond pad and using gold bond wires.

The 74AHC1GxxQ, 74AHCT1GxxQ and 74LVC1GxxQ families are available now in both SOT25 and SOT353 packages.

Diodes delivers semiconductor products to the companies in the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial and automotive markets. They also provide discrete, analogue and mixed signal products packaging technology. The range of application-specific products is coupled with worldwide operations of 28 sites, including engineering, testing, manufacturing, and customer service.


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