Directly modulated laser diodes are for 4.9G and 5G LTE basestations

The RV2X6376A series of directly modulated laser (DML) diodes has been released by Renesas Electronics. They enable high-speed optical communications and stable operation in harsh environments for mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) networks.

The DML diodes deliver 25Gbit per second over four wavelengths as the light source in 100Gbit per second optical transceivers that enable high-speed communications inside 4.9G and 5G LTE basestations, says the company. They can also be used between data centre routers and servers.

The RV2X6376A are believed to be the industry’s first DML diodes that support full 25Gbit per second speed (per individual laser) and industrial temperature (-40 to +95 degree C) without cooling.

The RV2X6376A diodes are designed into compact 100Gbit per second QSFP28 optical transceiver modules that use conventional NRZ modulation. They are compatible with the coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM4) standard that specifies four lanes of 25Gbit per second optically multiplexed onto and de-multiplexed from duplex single mode fibre. The RV2X6376A diodes join Renesas Electronics’ family of commercial temperature grade (-five to +75 degree C) NX6375AA series used in data centres.

In addition to providing the ruggedness and reliability basestations require, the RV2X6376A series also offers data centre customers an upgrade to the wider industrial temperature range when additional margin is needed, advises Renesas.

Mobile communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) are driving high-speed optical communication systems, which are experiencing rapid growth due to an increase in data usage. The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecasts global

mobile data traffic to grow 44 per cent annually from 11,000 Petabytes/month in 2017 to 48,000 Petabytes/month in 2021. To service this growth, basestation manufacturers are transitioning to interim 4.9G and higher throughput, low-latency 5G technology, reports Renesas.

Key Features of the RV2X6376A series are 1.3-micron AlGaInAs direct modulated DFB laser diode format, with laser operating current of 55mA max and laser reverse voltage of 2.6V max.

Samples of the bare die RV2X6376A diodes are available now.

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