Drive rack has fibre-optic interface for brush, brushless and stepper motors

Field replaceable, front-mounted, 3U plug-in amplifiers in the XR3 six-axis drive rack support both linear and PWM topologies.

The XR3 can control any combination of brushless, DC brush, or stepper motors at up to 320V DC operating voltage and 30A peak current capability, says Aerotech. Both the current loop and servo-loop are digitally closed to ensure the highest level of positioning accuracy and rate stability. This processing capability allows the XR3 to provide loop closure rates up to 20 kHz and to handle both digital and analogue I/O processing, data collection, process control, and encoder multiplication tasks in real time.

Features include per-axis brake control logic, auxiliary encoder feedback, analogue I/O expansion, 16 opto-isolated inputs, 16 opto-isolated outputs, up to 12 high-speed differential outputs, 3 position synchronised output (PSO) external sync inputs, three TTL or isolated PSO outputs, one opto-isolated data-acquisition input, and two safe torque off (STO) sense inputs.

The XR3 supports open-loop control, standard square-wave encoder feedback, analogue input feedback control, and absolute encoder feedback.

Options include three levels of integrated encoder multiplication including options that support dual-loop encoder feedback, drive-rack cooling, rack or slide-type mounting, and multi-axis PSO I/O for low-latency, position-based process control.

There are also two configurable power supply sections in the XR3, to support a variety of motors with different operating voltages. When only one motor voltage is required, the power supply sections are joined together for even higher power capability.

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