E2EW sensors reduce downtime in automotive welding

Sensors from Omrom enhance welding productivity with equivalent sensing distances for iron and aluminium and I/O Link connectivity. They are available from RS Components.

The E2EW sensors can improve productivity in automotive welding applications by reducing the risk of sudden stoppages due to materials misidentification or sensor failure.

The sensors are able to identify iron and aluminium accurately at the same distance. This is particularly useful in modern automotive applications, where the trend towards lighter vehicles for improved fuel consumption and the increase in demand for electric vehicles means the industry has seen a change in component materials specification from heavier iron to lighter aluminium. As a result, production lines are increasingly using a mix of the two metals.

Full metal proximity sensors can struggle to differentiate between the two metals because the sensing distance for aluminium is shorter than that for iron. This makes the design, start-up, and maintenance of production lines complicated and can lead to production errors and inefficiencies. The E2EW series offers sensing distances that are approximately twice as long as previous models for iron and approximately six times as long as previous models for aluminium. This enables the E2EW sensors to use the same distance for detecting both metals, making machine set up and changeover much simpler and quicker. It also reduces false detection rates, even for unsteady sensing objects.

A full metal body reduces the likelihood of replacement and sensor maintenance in harsh environments. The sensors are designed to prevent coating abrasion and achieve spatter resistance for up to 60 times longer than previous models, says RS Components. In addition to reducing coating deterioration after maintenance for spatter clean-ups, it also extends the replacement frequency of sensors, saving costs, advises RS.

The Omron E2EW series sensors are also equipped with I/O Link, to connect to wider production line networks. This enables useful data regarding sensor performance to be shared and monitored, making it easier to predict and schedule essential maintenance.

The E2EW series welding proximity sensors from Omron is available now in the EMEA region.


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