E3.WiringSystemLab provides solution for 3D harness design optimisation

A software solution that enables the optimisation of complex wire harness designs based on inputs from heterogeneous sources is now available from Zuken. E3.WiringSystemLab can import connectivity information from a range of sources and consolidates them with 3D topology data.

The resulting 3D topology can be evaluated and optimised in a consistent 3D environment that has been designed to support the needs of casual users without requiring specialised training.

Specialised functionality tailored to topology exploration provides the ability to create and evaluate different architectural concepts.Connectivity data can be imported from E3.cable, as well as via industry standard formats such as KBL, VEC, PLMXML, or even generic Excel files. Topology information is imported in the form of geometrical bundles defined in the MCAD systems such as CATIA, NX or Creo.

Based on these inputs, E³.WiringSystemLab is said to provide the ability to host the complete wire harness optimisation process within a consistent 3D environment. Comprehensive modifications can be applied to the imported harness, including changes of packaging, partitioning into sub-harnesses and insertion of new routing pathways.

“Optimising wire harness designs to meet targeted weight and cost objectives is a complex and challenging task”, said Reinhold Blank, business director for automotive and transportation, Zuken. “In particular, the preparation of data that typically involves a laborious flattening to 2D has been a huge time sink for the industry.

“With E3.WiringSystemLab we are providing a solution that revolutionises the import and consolidation of data sources from different origins and supports wiring system experts to optimise their complex designs in a modern 3D environment.”

With its generic cost and weight evaluation and exploration capabilities, Zuken’s E³.WiringSystemLab achieves a substantial reduction of ramp-up and optimisation cycles for wiring harness engineers.

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