Embedded motor controllers initiate programmable SoC family by TDK 

Two motor controller mark the introduction of the HVC 5x embedded motor controller family. The HVC 5221D is a motor controller with four 500mA outputs for stepper, brushless DC (BLDC) motors and brushed DC motors with 32kbyte flash memory and LIN interface. The HVC 5222C is a 3 x 1A controller for BLDC or BDC motors with 32kbyte flash memory and LIN interface.

TDK has expanded its Micronas embedded motor controller portfolio with the first members of the HVC 5x family of programmable SoC motor controllers for driving small stepper motors in automotive and industrial applications. 

The HVC 5x family is an application-specific evolution of Micronas’ HVC 4x devices which are intended as a universal motor-control device for stepper, BLDC and BDC motors. 

The HVC 5221D and HVC 5222C are focused on individual motor types to enable lower cost and smaller form factor applications. 

Together with the HVC 4x devices, TDK offers an increasing portfolio of motor-control for smart actuators with a specific focus on thermal systems in electric and hybrid vehicles. The HVC 5221D includes four motor terminals with a peak current of 500mA each, focusing on stepper and DC motors in expansion and water valves.

The HVC 5222C has three motor terminals, making it suitable for brushless motors with up to 1.0A phase current for grille shutters and small fans. Both the HVC 5221D and HVC 5222C devices include seven general purpose I/O ports, automotive diagnostic and safety features in small form-factor 24-pin QFN package. 

All HVC 5x controllers are pin compatible for easier design and scalability.

Commonalities across the HVC 4x and HVC 5x families include the 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 CPU core, 20MHz system and 35kHz watchdog oscillator, 32k or 64k flash memory versions with 2k or 4k SRAM, 12-bit, one microsecond ADC for measurements, digital periphery to support motor control algorithms, LIN transceiver and UART for communication and auto-addressing using the BSM (bi-switching status modelling) method.

They are also qualified according to AEC-Q100 for temperature Grade 1.

Both HVC 4x and HVC 5x are sourced from different wafer fabs to improve supply resilience for our customers.

Typical applications are in expansion valves for refrigerant chillers, water valves for coolant distribution, fans for seat cooling and heating, HVAC flaps for passenger air distribution, automatic sunshades, automatic grille shutters and spoilers to reduce aerodynamic resistance and charge door actuators.

Samples are available now and production is planned for the beginning of 2024.


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