Embedded standalone Wi-Fi module is integrated with full security suite

Panasonic Industry Europe says that its PAN9420 is targeted at integrated and cost-effective applications. The embedded Wi-Fi module includes fully shielded case, integrated crystal oscillators and chip antenna.

The PAN9420 is a 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n, fully embedded Wi-Fi module with integrated stack and API that minimises firmware development, says Panasonic. It also includes a full security suite.

The PAN9420 module combines a high-performance CPU, high-sensitivity wireless radio, baseband processor, medium access controller, encryption unit, boot ROM with patching capability, internal SRAM and in-system programmable flash memory. The integrated memory enables storing web content such as HTML pages or image data. The parallel support of access point and infrastructure mode allows easy set-up of simultaneous Wi-Fi connections from the PAN9420 to smart devices and home network routers, adds Panasonic. The pre-programmed Wi-Fi SoC firmware enables Ad-hoc mode (Wi-Fi Direct) applications. With the transparent mode, raw data can be sent from the UART to the air interface to smart devices, web servers or PC applications.

Panasonic also offers the PAN9420 evaluation kit. This contains a motherboard with PAN9420 daughter board (PAN9420 FCC version module) which connects to any PC using the USB-cable, also included in the kit. The motherboard comes with two USB to UART converters allowing for hardware access to the two UART module interfaces (command and binary interface). The PAN9420 FCC version module comes pre-loaded with a firmware for IoT applications and a Panasonic Web content example.

The PAN9420 module is available in two versions, the FCC/IC (P/N: ENW49C01A3KF) and CE RED (P/N: ENW49C02A3KF) pre-certified.

Panasonic Industry Europe is part of the Panasonic Group and provides industrial products and services in Europe. The partner for the industrial sector researches, develops, manufactures and supplies covering electronic components, devices and modules up to complete solutions and production equipment for manufacturing lines.

Panasonic Industry Europe is part of Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems, which generates over one third of Panasonic’s overall revenue. 


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