Embedded vision kit has tools and workflows for AI vision applications

Engineers can create AI vision applications using the IDS NXT ocean system. To help engineers get started, the company offers the IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit.

The kit is designed for anyone who wants to test the IDS NXT ocean industrial-grade embedded vision platform and evaluate its potential for their own applications. The kit provides customers with all the components they need to create, train and run a neural network. In addition to an IDS NXT industrial camera with 1.6 MP Sony sensor, lens, cable and tripod adapter, the package includes six months’ access to the AI training software IDS NXT lighthouse. Customers receive all the necessary, co-ordinated tools and workflows to realise their own AI vision applications without AI experience and run them directly on the IDS NXT industrial cameras. There is also a free software update for the AI package. 

The software update makes setting up, deploying and controlling the intelligent cameras in the IDS NXT cockpit even easier, says the company. It has an integrated ROI editor with which users can freely draw the image areas to be evaluated and configure, save and reuse them as custom grids with many parameters. 

In addition, the new tool’s Attention Maps and Confusion Matrix illustrate how the AI works in the cameras and what decisions it makes. This helps to clarify the process and enables the user to evaluate the quality of a trained neural network and to improve it through targeted retraining. 

For data security, the update means that communication between IDS NXT cameras and system components can be encrypted via HTTPS. 

Industrial camera manufacturer, IDS Imaging Development Systems, develops USB, GigE and 3D cameras with a wide spectrum of sensors and variants. The range of applications covers multiple non-industrial and industrial sectors in the field of equipment, plant and mechanical engineering. In addition to CMOS cameras, the company offers vision app-based, intelligent cameras. 

Since its foundation in 1997, IDS has developed into an independent, ISO-certified family business with headquarters in Obersulm, Germany, which is both a development and production site. There are also branches in the USA, Japan, South Korea and UK.


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