EPC adds 80 and 200V models to eGaN FET family

Two additions to the eGaN FET family by EPC address the needs of e-mobility, delivery and logistic robots and drone markets which require compact brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives and cost-effective, high-resolution time of flight (ToF).

The EPC2065 is an 80V, 3.6mOhm, 221A pulsed eGaN FET in a 7.1mm2 chip scale package. The size and efficiency reduce overall power system size and weight, says EPC to make it particularly suitable for 32 to 48V BLDC motor drive applications for e-mobility ebikes and escooters, service, delivery, logistic robots and drones.

In all of these applications, miniaturisation is key and the driver is integrated with the motor in the pursuit of this. The ability to operate with significantly shorter dead times results in less noise and less EMI. eGaN FET is capable of high frequency operation to achieve what is claimed to be the highest density for high frequency DC/DC converters for computing and industrial applications and for synchronous rectification.

The second addition to the family is the EPC2054. This is a 200V, 3.6mOhm, eGaN FET in a tiny 1.69mm2 chip scale package. It can deliver 32A pulsed current, despite its small size, with very fast on-off transition times and super small capacitance and inductances. These characteristics make it suitable for industrial lidar / ToF applications.

The low resistance, low switching losses, no reverse recovery charge, fast switching, high frequency capability, and the tiny footprint make the EPC2054 a cost effective and high density FET for a range of applications including high frequency DC/DC, synchronous rectification, wireless power, class D audio, automation, solar and optical.

Alex Lidow, EPC’s co-founder and CEO believes that power system designers will be able to take advantage of these latest eGaN FETs and utilize the high performance, thermally efficient small devices to replace power MOSFETs in a wide variety of applications including emobility, robotics and drones.

The eGaN FETs and related development and reference design boards are available now from Digi-Key.


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