EPC claims EPC2071 is industry’s smallest 100V, 2.2mOhm GaN FET 

At 100V and 2.2mOhm, the EPC2071 GaN FET is claimed to be “significantly smaller and more efficient device than silicon MOSFETs” for high-performance, space-constrained applications. Available from Efficient Power Conversion, the GaN FET has a typical current rating of 1.7mOhm.

It is suitable for applications which require high power density performance including 48 to 54V input DC/DC for new servers and artificial intelligence (AI). Lower gate charges, QGD and zero reverse recovery losses enable high frequency operation of 1MHz and beyond. The high efficiency FET is supplied in a 10.2mm2 footprint for power density.  

The EPC2071 is suitable for brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives, including e-bikes, e-scooter, robots, drones and power tools. The EPC2071 is a third of the size of a silicon MOSFET with the same RDS(on), said EPC. It also has QG that is a quarter that of a silicon MOSFET. In addition, dead time can be reduced from 500 to 20nano seconds to optimise motor plus inverter efficiency and reduce acoustic noise.

The EPC2071 is footprint compatible with the company’s Generation 4 family of products, the EPC2021, EPC2022 and EPC2206. This Generation 5 MOSFET has an improved area x RDS(on) ratio, meaning the EPC2071 the same on resistance as the earlier generation but with a 26 per cent reduction in size. The EPC2071 enables 1MHz switching frequency and 1.2kW of power in a small (22.9 x 58.4 x 10mm) form factor with a power density of 1472W/in3. Peak efficiency is 97.3 per cent at 550W, full load efficiency is 96.3 per cent at 12V, delivering 100A output.

The EPC2071 can be used for the primary side of the LLC DC/DC converter from 40 to 60V to 12 to 5V, explained Alex Lidow, EPC’s co-founder and CEO. The 100V FET also has improved performance and cost compared with earlier 100V GaN FETs, he added, allowing designers to economically improve efficiency and power density. The devices are also suitable for telecomms, server power supplies and solar applications. “Additionally, EPC2071 is less expensive than comparable silicon devices and in stock!,” said Lidow.

The company also offers the EPC9174 reference design board. This is a 1.2kW, 48V input to 12V output LLC converter. It features the EPC2071 for the primary side full bridge. 

Both the EPC2071 and EPC9174 demonstration board are available for immediate delivery from Digi-Key.

To find a replacement for silicon MOSFETs, the EPC GaN Power Bench cross reference tool can suggest a GaN option based on a project’s operating conditions. The tool can be found via the EPC website. 


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