Epoxy-based laminate adhesive system optimises signal integrity

High-speed signal transfer across a network can diminish signal integrity, adversely affecting end users. To improve the performance of these devices, DuPont has developed the epoxy-based Pyralux HP laminate adhesive system. It is claimed to have best-in-class insertion loss performance combined with increased functionality and processing. 

It was specifically designed for OEMs and PCB manufacturers operating in high-performance, high reliability applications in the telecommunications, networking, medical, industrial, military and aerospace markets. 

The Pyralux HP laminate adhesive system has robust processability and electrical performance to optimise signal integrity in extreme environments. The IPC-certified product is available as a sheet adhesive or as a cover-lay, suitable for a variety of multi-layer flex and rigid-flex applications. The Pyralux HP laminate adhesive system enables processing at lower temperatures, providing PCB designers and producers with an expanded range of applications they can support. 

According to Andy Kannurpatti, global business director, DuPont ICS Films & Laminates, the adhesive laminate system enables a range of applications from 5G connectivity to autonomous vehicles.

DuPont Electronics & Industrial supplies new technologies and performance materials serving the semiconductor, circuit board, display, digital and flexographic printing, healthcare, aerospace, industrial and transportation industries. From advanced technology centres worldwide, research scientists and application experts work closely with customers, providing solutions, products and technical service to enable next-generation technologies. 


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