Express Logic Supports Cypherbridge secure boot and firmware update

Express Logic has integrated the Cypherbridge uLoadXL secure boot and secure firmware update with its X-Ware IoT platform.

The X-Ware uLoadXL secure boot and secure firmware update anchors the product root of trust, authenticating and integrity checking the X-Ware-based system application. Managed software updates are securely distributed and installed on the target product. The pre-certified X-Ware IoT platform provides operating system and middleware features. According to Express Logic, the integrated system boosts platform security, safety, and reliability, while simultaneously blocking malware, reverse engineering, counterfeiting, and overproduction.

The Express Logic X-Ware IoT platform includes the popular ThreadX RTOS, high-performance NetX and NetX Duo embedded TCP/IP stacks, the FileX embedded FAT-compatible file system, the USBX host/device embedded USB protocol stack, and the GUIX embedded graphical user interface development toolkit.

The Cypherbridge uLoadXL software development kit (SDK) is deployed across a range of vertical markets and products including payment systems, industrial control devices, and medical instruments. It delivers features such as secure boot, root of trust, application authentication, and secure software update. There is also in-device firmware and offline software management tools, designed for use throughout the product lifecycle, from commissioning to long tail support. The uLoadXL+ includes options or hardware of trust and secure data storage, integrated with tamper-proof secure element devices.

Steve DeLaney, president, Cypherbridge Systems, said: “We see customers in the industrial IoT sector taking an in-depth approach to IoT security, safety, and reliability. Security planning starts with a TLS secure network, and extends to secure boot and safe software update.

“At the same time, medical devices fall under stricter safety standards, not only under regulations that include IEC-62304 test and verification, but also within the EU region under GDPR affecting data protection, privacy, and biometric data. Our SDK portfolio spans product operation from secure boot and update to secure IoT cloud connection and network protocols. Customers that are integrating uLoadXL, an off-the-shelf software lifecycle solution, can maintain focus on their product application, features, and time to market.”

The X-Ware IoT Platform and uLoadXL are available today on leading industry processors and microcontrollers.

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