Face recognition uses 3D SLM camera and NXP’s i.MX RT117F crossover MCU 

A 3D face recognition access control systems uses  NXP Semiconductor’s crossover MCU with a 3D camera to enable faster secure face recognition under challenging lighting conditions.

The 3D structured light module (SLM) camera is combined with the i.MX RT117F crossover MCU and is believed to be the first time a 3D SLM camera has been combined with an MCU to deliver the performance and security of 3D face recognition at the edge. It therefore removes the need to use an expensive and power-hungry Linux implementation on a microprocessor which is conventionally the case with high-performance 3D cameras, reports NXP.

The i.MX RT117F MCU is part of the i.MX RT1170 family of crossover MCUs. It is based on an Arm Cortex-M7 CPU with 2Mbyte of on-chip SRAM, running at up to 1GHz. 

The turnkey system is the latest EdgeReady solution from NXP. It enables developers of smart locks and other access control systems to add machine learning-based secure face recognition quickly and easily to smart home and smart building products. Reliable 3D face recognition can be achieved in indoor and outdoor applications, across varied lighting conditions, including bright sunlight, dim night light, or other difficult lighting conditions that are challenging for traditional face recognition systems.

The use of a 3D SLM camera enables advanced liveness detection, helping distinguish a real person from spoofing techniques, such as a photograph, imitator mask or a 3D model, to prevent unauthorised access.

The i.MX RT117F uses an advanced machine learning model as part of NXP’s eIQ machine learning software running on its CPU core.

 Advanced liveness detection and face recognition are performed locally at the edge, making it possible for personal biometric data to remain on the device. This helps address consumer privacy concerns, while also eliminating the latency associated with cloud-based solutions.

The development kit for this 3D face recognition system, the SLN-VIZN3D-IOT, will be available later in November from NXP and authorised distributors.

The i.MX RT117F includes a license to use the NXP 3D face recognition software development kit (SDK), and is available in consumer, industrial and automotive temperature grades.


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