Farnell element14 releases end-to-end sub 1GHz cloud kit

Farnell element14, the development distributor, has announced availability of the element14 development kit for the TI SimpleLink sub-1GHz Sensor to Cloud Linux Gateway based on technology from Texas Instruments (TI).

The kit provides an end-to-end tool to enable a sensor network with an internet of things (IoT) gateway and cloud connectivity.

 In the growing industrial IoT market, there is a need for connecting long-range low-power applications to the cloud, explains Farnell element14. Developers face many challenges, from the need for a long-range low-power wireless protocol with regional regulatory compliance, to security.

 “Sub-1 GHz offers low-power and long-range wireless connectivity, but it doesn’t offer a native IP internet connectivity and is a fragmented band without a standard, making it complex to create a fully managed solution from the end nodes to the cloud.” says Simon Meadmore, global head of SEPO and SBC at Premier Farnell and Farnell element14: “The element14  SimpleLink Sub-1GHz Sensor to Cloud Linux Industrial Gateway development kit, available exclusively from Farnell element14, allows developers to get to market faster with an out-of-the-box, end-to-end solution enabling an easy cloud connection for sending and receiving long-range sensor data while maintaining a robust link.”

 The kit contains all the components needed to create a full sensor network, including a gateway design based on the BeagleBone Black, the BeagleBone Wireless Connectivity Cape, and the TI SimpleLink dual-band CC1350 wireless MCU LaunchPad development kit acting as the MAC co-processor. The kit also includes an additional CC1350 wireless MCU LaunchPad kit acting as a long-range sensor node.

The hardware comes pre-flashed with the SimpleLink CC13x0 software development kit (SDK), including the TI-15.4 stack for Sub-1GHz star network connectivity and the TI Processor SDK Linux. It also provides a flexible IoT cloud interface giving the user the option to connect to a number of different cloud providers. This also addresses the challenges that developers face with building a long-range Sub-1GHz network with cloud connectivity.

The SimpleLink sensor-to-cloud development kit is a robust, reliable, tool that is ready to be certified for regulatory compliance and has the necessary hardware and pre-integrated software to make it easy for users to being developing.  The TI 15.4 stack provides a standards-based Sub-1GHz network that is easy to use and alleviates the complexity of linking a user’s own Sub-1GHz wireless network to the cloud.

The SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz Sensor to Cloud Linux kit is available to buy exclusively from Farnell element14 in Europe and Newark element14 in North America.