Farnell element14 to stock Kemet KC-Link capacitors

Fast switching, wide bandgap semiconductor applications, such as electric autonomous vehicles and power conversion, are the target applications for the KC-Link surface mount capacitors from Kemet, now available from Farnell element14.

Kemet’s KC-Link surface mount capacitors are designed to meet the growing demand for fast switching semiconductors that operate at a higher voltage, temperature and frequency. With an operating temperature of up to 150 degree C, these capacitors can be mounted close to fast switching semiconductors at very high power density applications, which require minimal cooling, advises the company.  

Kemet uses a proprietary C0G/NPO base metal electrode dielectric system, making the capacitors suitable for power converters, inverters, snubbers and resonators, where high efficiency is a primary concern. With low effective series resistance (ESR) and low thermal resistance, KC-Link capacitors can operate at very high ripple currents with no change in capacitance versus DC voltage and negligible change in capacitance versus temperature, claims Kemet.

The KC-Link C0G dielectric technology also provides high mechanical robustness compared to other dielectric technologies, allowing the capacitor to be mounted without the use of lead frames. This provides low effective series inductance (ESL) that increases the operating frequency range, allowing further miniaturisation, continues Kemet. 

Other benefits include an operating temperature range of −55 to +150 degree C, high frequency operation (10MHz and above), no piezoelectric noise. The capacitors are also RoHS Pb-free. Automotive grade devices are also available to meet AEC–Q200 qualification requirements.

Typical applications include wide bandgap (WBG), silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) systems, hybrid electrical vehicles (drive systems, charging), photovoltaic (PV) systems, power conversion, inverters, DC link, LLC resonators and snubbers.

KEMET KC-LINK surface mount capacitors are now available to buy from Farnell element14 in Europe and Newark element14 in North America.


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