Farnell stocks Bourns standard and custom magnetics range

High frequency power inductors and transformers, EMC compliance devices, signal transformers, common mode chokes and ferrite cores by Bourns are now available from Farnell worldwide.

The Avnet company and distributor has a longstanding strategic partnership with Bourns which meets growing customer demand for embedded devices used in electric vehicle and e-mobility designs, high power battery charging, renewable energy, energy storage, IoT, 5G mobile networks and industrial infrastructure applications.

With more than 50 years’ of magnetic components experience, Bourns offers a broad portfolio of standard and fully customised components. Its magnetics components are designed to meet essential power application requirements for power conversion, isolation, EMC compliance, signal integrity, increased power density and thermal management. 

The company has invested to develop innovative magnetic components and expand its portfolio with introductions for operation at higher switching frequencies, miniaturisation, low EMC, advanced construction materials and moulded construction techniques offering flat windings and self-lead terminals.

Achilles Chiotis, marketing vice president of Bourns magnetics division said the magnetics component company supports customers in “exciting and high growth areas such as battery management systems (BMS) for automotive, industrial and renewable energy markets, on-board and off-board charging for advanced Li-Ion batteries and DC/DC conversion systems. “We also offer new generations of advanced miniaturised magnetic components for power management circuits, advanced driving assistance systems and smart connected appliances. We are thrilled to partner with Farnell to extend the availability of our proven solutions that help increase safety and reliability of power circuits,” he said.

An extensive range of Bourns’ AECQ-20, industrial and consumer grade products available from Farnell include the SM91527L / SM91519L BMS signal transformers, developed with the NXP model MC33771C series and ADI model LTC6804/681x series. They have an operating voltage up to 1500V DC and feature reinforced insulation between primary and secondary per IEC 62477-1, IEC 60664-1 and IEC 62368-1 and are UL recognised per UL62368-1.

The distributor also offers the SRP4020TA surface mount, high current shielded power inductor series for automotive applications. It has a shielded construction, a carbonyl powder core and is AEC-Q200- compliant.

Other products are the SM91502ALA BMS signal transformer for use with Analogue Device’s model LTC6804-1/681X, NXP’s model MC33771/33772 and Texas Instruments’ model BQ79616. The channel transformer has an integrated choke, first pin auto-termination, functional insulation and is AEC-Q200-compliant.

Farnell also carries the SRP1265WA / SRP1038WA series of automotive grade high current shielded power inductors. These also have a shielded construction for low radiation, metal alloy powder core for high saturation current and wide side terminal for enhanced mechanical strength. The series is AEC-Q200-compliant, offering a high vibration resistance (15G typical, 30G peak).

The PAD00x-T764 industrial push-pull isolation transformer is a compact and low-profile device designed to comply with IEC 62368 and features an operating temperature from -40 to +125 degrees C. Applications include isolated RS-485/RS-232 power supplies, industrial automation, AC motor drives, smart metering, and solar inverters.

According to Simon Meadmore, vice president of product and supplier management at Farnell: “We are pleased to help bring to market this diverse range of components and solutions to support design engineers. 

“Bourns excels at miniaturisation, thermal management, robust product design and the use of advanced materials and construction techniques. In return, Farnell has the advanced product knowledge and sales channel experience to ensure Bourns’ … portfolio can be used to support the development of new technology by our global customer base.”

Bourns’ Magnetics team can manufacture transformers and inductors for almost any power level, helping designers meet their specific application requirements. Bourns also designs for compliance with UL and IES safety standards for isolation, creepage and clearance, which are critical in many new higher voltage applications. 


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