Fischer Elektronik adapts heatsink for DC/DC converter sizes

While DC/DC converters are ubiquitous, the thermal management may vary according to power density and efficiency. Fischer Elektronik has announced heatsink solutions in the SK DC 15, SK DC 16, SK DC 17, SK DC 18 and SK DC 19 series specifically for reliable heat dissipation for DC/DC converters in the 1/8-brick format. 

The five different heatsink designs are mechanically and thermally adapted to the available component sizes. They are mounted on the DC/DC converter by means of a hole geometry in the heatsink which corresponds to the mounting geometry in the converter.

The heatsinks are also offered in different standard heights and have a black anodised surface. Omni-directional designs with an integrated pin-fin structure optimise air flows while a variety of other mounting positions can be produced on request. 

For thermal contacting of the heatsinks on the DC/DC converter, Fischer Elektronik also offers efficient thermal conductive materials. Additional mechanical processing of the heatsinks and the design of customised heat dissipation are services that are also available.

The DC/DC converters must always be used by where the supplied input voltage does not match the supply of the subsequent electronic components, for example in drive systems, switching power supplies, photovoltaic systems, I/O boards, PLC (programmable logic controllers) and process controls. Increases in efficiency can lead to power loss which is directly converted in to heat which can damage the component.

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