Fischer Elektronik arranges SMD male headers in 1.27mm grid

Three male headers are offered in a sandwich design with a 1.27mm grid pattern by Fischer Elektronik to offer increased stability and secure contacting with larger board-to-board distances.

The male headers, which have been developed and designed for reflow soldering and are available in six designs, each with two height choices. The distance from the PCB to the upper insulating body is 10.2 to 12.7mm, depending on the design.

The part numbers SLV W 9 SMD and SLV W 9 SMD 127 are single row male headers, the SLV W 10 SMD 102 and SLV W 10 SMD 127 are in a two-row grid pattern (1.27 x 1.27mm) and the SLV W 11 SMD 102 and SLV W 11 SMD 127 are in a two-row grid pattern (1.27 x 2.54mm). The surface mount device (SMD) male headers are available with one to 36 contacts for the single row and with four to 72 poles for the double row versions. 

The male contacts with a pin cross-section of square 0.4mm are made of a copper-zinc alloy (CuZn) and receive a gold-plated or tin-plated surface coating in the company’s surface finishing, which is suitable for the soldering process. 

In order to withstand temperatures of up to 260 degrees C during reflow soldering, the insulating body is made of a high-temperature resistant plastic which is classified according to flammability class UL 94 V-0. The plastic achieves its mechanical and dimensionally stable properties by adding fillers.

Fischer Elektronik manufactures sustainably in accordance with EU Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS) and the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH).

All header models will be available in September 2022.

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