Fischer Elektronik extends portfolio with D-Sub connector covers

D-Sub connectors which are connected either by soldering to the PCB or with the aid of a cable set. Through a permanent connection, the electrical signals are transmitted from the PCB to the end device. The D-Sub covers are typically made of plastic or metal and protect the cables so that the connectors and the solder or crimp connection are protected from external influences to ensure smooth operation.

The company has extended its product portfolio with D-Sub covers made of plastic and metal. They are robust to protect connections even when the devices operate in harsh environments. The new D-Sub covers ensure protection against dust, moisture and electromagnetic radiation, confirmed Fischer. In addition to a straight cable outlet and fastening via a UNC 4-40 thread, the D-Sub covers are also available with a lateral cable outlet of 30 degrees.

The D-Sub covers are designated DH M … UN4, DH MA … UN4, DH K … UN4 and DH KM … UN4. They are offered with nine, 15, 25 and 37 contacts. 

The DH M … and the DH MA …D-Sub covers are made of zinc die-cast with nickel plating. The DH K … and the DH KM … D-Sub covers are made of ABS. The DH KM … D-Sub covers made of plastic with a metallised surface. The D-Sub covers made of metal and with a metallised surface finish are particularly suitable for shielding against external interference, said Fischer Elektronik.

Fischer Elektronik manufactures heatsinks and semiconductor cooling products and thermal interface material. It also offers 19-inch cases and a series of connectors, brackets and optoelectronics. The company offers printing, anodising, tin plating and gilding services.

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