Fischer Elektronik introduces USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 sockets

Standardised USB 2.0 sockets type A in 4 versions, type B in 3 versions and USB 3.0 type A in 2 versions have been introduced by Fischer Elektronik to transmit industry data quickly and reliably between machines and peripheral devices.

Currently, Fischer Elektronik offers USB 2.0 type A sockets, in horizontal, vertical and upright soldering options, as well as horizontal SMD soldering models.

The company also offers USB 2.0 type B sockets which are commonly used as an interface between printers and computers. These are also available in upright or horizontal soldering formats as well as in horizontal SMD soldering models.

As an equivalent option to the USB 2.0 type A sockets and USB 3.0 type A sockets the company offers USB 3 A, in horizontal and vertical soldering options and are available with higher data rates due to the socket having six data lines instead of two.

The sockets are available in tape and reel for machine-compatible feeding.

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