Fischer offers surface mount heatsinks in tape and reel packages

Recognising the continuing demands for efficient heat dissipation of electronic devices on the PCB, Fischer Elektronik has developed the ICK surface mount heatsinks in tape and reel as well as other formats.

The problems faced by designers today is that the increased complexity of the assemblies, as well as the combination of individual functional modules into one component, can often lead to harmful power loss on the PCB, which is directly converted into heat. This heat can not only damage the electronic devices on the PCB, but can also affect solder joints and the PCB material itself in the long term, advised Fischer Elektronik. This makes the use of heatsinks essential and indispensable for multiple applications on the PCB. The surface mount ICK heatsinks are made of a highly thermally conductive aluminium alloy and are manufactured using an extrusion process. 

The heatsink geometry as well as its weight are adapted for surface mounting on circuit boards. The smallest SMD heatsink that can be manufactured using the extrusion process has a contact surface of just 31.5mm², which corresponds to a weight of 0.24g. Due to the very low weight of the SMD heatsinks, direct mounting on the device surface is also possible without damaging the soldering of the device on the PCB through mechanical stress. The SMD heatsinks are offered in black anodised and solderable tin-plated surface finishes. The black anodised heatsinks are mounted on the device using double-sided adhesive heat-conducting foils or two-component epoxy resin heat-conducting adhesives. 

In contrast, SMD heatsinks with a solderable surface coating can be applied directly to the PCB, or more precisely said to an existing copper heat spreader surface that is connected to the device to be cooled, by means of reflow or wave soldering. 

Solderable SMD heatsinks offer an additional advantage through simple integration into the assembly and soldering process of the PCB. Due to standard packaging forms, such as tape and reel, the SMD heatsink can be processed and handled like any other device, said Fischer Elektronik. The position of the SMD heatsink in the tape, the tape diameter as well as the tape width are designed according to individual customer specifications. 

Depending on the type and functions of the pick and place machine, the individual heatsinks can also be provided with a pick and place aid on the fin side, a glued-on capton dot. This makes it possible to suck in the SMD heatsink on the fin side without rotation and to place it on the PCB with the bottom surface facing downwards.

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