Flex Power Modules adds bus converter series with 1300W version

Based on Flex Power Modules’ Hybrid Regulated Ratio (HRR) topology, the BMR480 DC/DC bus converter series delivers up to 1300W at 12V in a standard quarter-brick footprint incorporating a PMBus digital interface.

According to the company, the BMR48001x6/005 delivers 12V DC at up to 1300W of power and 108.3A, representing a 44 per cent increase in power over previous 12V/900W model.

The converters is packaged in the industry-standard quarter-brick-format which measures 2.30 x 1.45 x 0.57 inches (58.4 x 36.8 x 14.48mm). The BMR48001x6/005 achieves 97.4 per cent efficiency when operating from a 53V input voltage and delivering 100% output current.  Power density is more than 680W/in3. This is achieved in part by optimising its operation across the input voltage range of 45V to 60V to produce a regulated 12V output, employing HRR technology between 51 and 45V.

Compared with other members of the BMR480 series, the BMR48001x6/005 delivers around 0.5 per cent higher efficiency at 1000W, making it a viable upgrade for existing installations, as well as a high-efficiency solution for new designs.

The BMR480 series is suitable for intermediate bus conversion (IBC), dynamic bus voltage (DBV) and distributed power architectures (DPAs), and is designed to power high-end and high-power applications supplied by front end AC/DC rectifiers, typically favoured by the ICT sector. The series is also suitable for networking and telecomms equipment, industrial equipment, and server and storage applications.

The module is fitted with a baseplate, which can be connected to a heatsink or cold plate for use in more challenging thermal environments. Even when operating in high ambient temperature environments with limited airflow, the efficiency of the BMR48001x6/005 helps to minimise power dissipation, and maximise system reliability.

The BMR48001x6/005 modules include a DOSA standard seven-pin digital header, 1500V input/output isolation, monotonic start-up, remote control, and a range of protection capabilities including over-temperature, output-short-circuit and output-over-voltage.

Dynamic load compensation and support for the latest version of the PMBus communication specification are complemented by the Flex Power Designer software tool.