Flying prober accommodates 810 x 675mm boards

In traditional flying probe tests, area sizes can be a limiting factor, so much so, the probe cards do not even fit in the test area. To address this market requirement, Seica has developed a flying prober, the Pilot V8 XL Next>, to accommodate boards with sizes up to 810 x 675mm (31.88 x 26.5 inches). Board thickness and weight are also a concern, with 50 layer board, they may exceed traditional thicknesses of 0.093 to 0.125 (2.36 to 3.175mm).

The Seica XL can accommodate a thickness of 7mm, with options or even larger thicknesses. Seica’s architecture has a vertical mounting for the unit under test which proves an advantage, because a horizontal flying probe system incurs an increase in weight as the board size/span increases, resulting in bow and deflection of the unit under test. The vertical architecture of the Pilot V8 Next> Series of testers reduces significantly the bow and deflection, says Seica, allowing for faster speed and accuracy of the probing needles on the very small test points. The vertical architecture does not require the use of bottom side flying probe supports, or expensive jigs and shuttles that ultimately could inhibit test area for bottom side testing. With the enhanced vertical clamping design, probe cards that exceed 6.8kg (15lbs) have been tested in this configuration.

In addition to a large physical size of the probe and interface cards, the CAD data and component counts can be extensive. With very large CAD files and component counts exceeding 10,000 parts, the flying probe provider needs to have the latest personal computers and robust upfront easy to use CAD processing software, advises Seica. The company also offers the  Pilot V8 XL Next> test system which uses the Viva>Next> platform that is available in a 32 and 64-bit version with a new graphical interface and a guided environment for an easy and quick test program creation. It is fully integrated with NI-VISA drivers and with third-party test management software.

The Seica Pilot V8 XL Next> can be connected to the customer manufacturing execution system (MES). Seica’s proprietary adapter can integrate all customer MES platforms.

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