Four-channel linear power amplifier boosts car audio output to 45W

For demanding in-car performance and sound quality audio systems, Toshiba has developed the TCB702FNG four-channel linear power amplifier.

It can be used as a power amplifier or line output amplifier and delivers a maximum output power of 45W into a four Ohm load. High fidelity output is achieved through a total harmonic distortion (THD) of just 0.02 per cent with output noise levels as low as 60 microVrms. The new amplifier is housed in a 36-pin HSSOP and is pin-compatible with Toshiba’s TCB701FNG high efficiency 50W linear power amplifier.

Toshiba reports that it has improved its technology so that the TCB702FNG realises efficiency levels that are comparable with a digital high efficiency, class D amplifier across the actual operating range of 0.5 to 4.0W. Its power consumption is reduced by up to 80 per cent, says the company, when compared to a typical class AB amplifier.

The TCB702FNG includes a self-diagnosis function with I2C bus control that can diagnose errors, such as crossed output connections. It also includes full-time error detection of any output DC offset voltage, which can quickly detect abnormal output offset voltages and prevent speaker burnout, improving system reliability. There is also over-voltage and low voltage protection.

The amplifier supports 6.0V operation ensuring it is compatible with vehicles that have idling reduction system, it also suppresses ‘popping’ sounds due to fluctuating supply voltages.

Sample shipments start today with mass production scheduled to begin in Q1 2019.

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