FPGA mezzanine card is first four-in-four-out ADC interface, says Logic-X

Claimed to be the industry’s first four-in-four-out, 16-bit high-speed ADC/DAC FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) with low voltage differential signalling (LVDS) digital interfaces, the LXD31K4 has been released by Logic-X. It is for edge processing, high speed data acquisition and playback, software defined radio (SDR) and other applications requiring wide bandwidth conversion between analogue and digital domains, advised the company.

The developer of adaptable compute acceleration platforms and sensor processing module said the card can be incorporated as-is within an embedded system or used during the development and prototyping of an SoC or mixed-signal ASIC. It can also be supplied with a reference design to accelerate development programmes.

The LVDS pin-out is configured so that the LXD31K4 will work on most ‘partial implementations’ of the high pin count connectors on Xilinx development boards as well as Logic-X’s FPGA FMC carrier boards. Using LVDS for data interfaces means users can easily integrate the card with an FPGA without having to purchase and embed JESD204B-compliant interface cores for converters and receivers. This approach shortens system development / prototyping time and reduces risk within the overall project, said Logic-X.

The LXD31K4 provides four A/D channels, each with a data conversion rate of up to 310Msamples per second and four D/A channels, each with a raw conversion rate of up to 310Msamples per second. Interpolation can be set by the user to produce a signal with an update rate of up to 1.24GHz.

All eight channels have 16-bit accuracy and the board is available with either a DC or an AC-coupled front end which determines the bandwidth an input channel can accept as well as the bandwidth the card can produce on an output channel.

A two-in-two-out version of the FMC is also available. The LXD31K2 boasts 16-bit resolution, also uses LVDS and can be ordered with a DC or AC front end.

Other options for both the LXD31K4 and the LXD31K2 are standard or industrial temperature ranges and uncoated or coated with a MIL-I-46058-C conformal coating versions.

The reference design supplied with both FMCs comprises a Vivado IP integrator project and IP cores that can be controlled from a software application over Ethernet or PCI Express (PCIe).

The LXD31K4 and LXD31K2 are both sampling now with volume availability predicted for Q4 2021.


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