FRED Pt fast rectifiers’ package increases power density

Available in automotive grade and commercial or industrial versions, the 200V FRED Pt fast recovery rectifiers are available from Vishay Intertechnology in the thermally efficient FlatPAK package.

The FlatPAK 5×6 package has a low profile of less than 1.0mm. With long term reliability assured through 2000 hours of high temperature reverse bias (HTRB) testing, the commercial / industrial VS-6DKH02-M3 and VS-8DKH02-M3 and automotive grade VS-6DKH02HM3 and VS-8DKH02HM3 rectifiers can be used in automotive and telecomms applications.

The rectifiers combine their low profiles with high forward current ratings of 6.0A (two 3.0A) for the VS-6DKH02-M3 and VS-6DKH02HM3 and 8.0A (two 4.0A) for the VS-8DKH02-M3 and VS-8DKH02HM3. Configured as dual-die rectifiers with separate cathode connections, the devices allow designers to simplify PCB layouts by using one package instead of two smaller ones, points out Vishay. Its FlatPAK features the standard footprint of 5×6 QFN packages widely used by other technologies, such as MOSFETs, and allows for different circuit topologies.

The rectifiers’ FRED Pt technology enables fast recovery times down to 25 nano seconds, low reverse recovery charge, and soft recovery features over the working temperature range of -55 to +175 degree C. The low forward voltage drop down to 0.7V reduces power losses and improves efficiency, adds Vishay. Typical applications for the AEC-Q101 qualified VS-6DKH02HM3 and VS-8DKH02HM3 include DC/DC converters in automotive engine control units (ECU), anti-lock braking systems (ABS), and high intensity discharge (HID) and LED lighting, while the commercial / industrial VS-6DKH02-M3 and VS-8DKH02-M3 are optimised for telecomms power supplies.

The rectifiers feature a moisture sensitivity level (MSL) of one, per J-STD-020, LF maximum peak of +260 degree C. They are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free, and are particularly suitable, say Vishay, for automated placement and allow for automated optical inspection (AOI) in automotive systems.

Samples and production quantities of the VS-6DKH02-M3, VS-6DKH02HM3, VS-8DKH02-M3, and VS-8DKH02HM3 are available now, with lead times of 12 to 14 weeks for large orders.

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