Gate driver duo controls automotive ECUs

Two flexible, solid state switches released by Toshiba are suitable for used in automotive electronic control units (ECUs). The AEC-Q100-compliant TPD7106F and TPD7107F can be used to control the conduction and shut-off of currents to ECUs, including junction boxes and body control modules.

They are also suited to use in power distribution modules and semiconductor relays, advises Toshiba. When combined with its low on-resistance N-channel automotive MOSFETs, such as the TPHR7904PB (40V/150A) or TPH1R104PB (40V/120A), the TPD7106F and TPD7107F intelligent power devices (IPDs) can serve as high side switches to control load current.

The TPD7106F and TPD7107F are intended to replace mechanical relays, reducing the size and power consumption of automotive ECUs. They have no moving parts so are therefore free from the contact wear issues associated with mechanical relays, points out Toshiba, to reduce maintenance costs.

The TPD7106F and TPD7107F’s enhanced functions support the high reliability required by automotive ECUs. For example, they has a self-protection function and built-in diagnostic features (voltage abnormalities, over-current, over-temperature, reversed power connections, floating ground pin and short to VDD) that are output to the microcontroller. As a result, the IPDs can monitor load operation as well as the MOSFET to which they are connected. Should abnormal operation occur, they can rapidly turn off the MOSFET to reduce the load current flowing through it without requiring a microcontroller.

Each IPD has a built in voltage boosting circuit. Supply current is down to 5microA for the TPD7106F and 3microA for the TPD7107F in standby mode. The TPD7106F is supplied in a compact, 16 pin SSOP and the TPD7107F is in a WSON10A package. The TPD7106F operates over -40 to +150 degrees C and the operating range of the TPD7107F is -40 to +125 degrees C.   

The TPD7106F and TPD7107F are shipping now.

About Toshiba Electronics Europe is the European electronic components business of Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage. Toshiba Electronics Europe offers a wide variety of hard disk drive (HDD) products and semiconductors for automotive, industrial, IoT, motion control, telecomms, networking, consumer and white goods applications. Its portfolio encompasses integrated wireless ICs, power semiconductors, microcontrollers, optical semiconductors, ASSPs and discrete devices ranging from diodes to logic ICs.  

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