General-purpose microcontrollers have safety functions

General-purpose microcontrollers from Lapis Semiconductor, a Rohm company, make up the ML62Q1300/1500/1700 series. They have a 16-bit CPU core and are designed for consumer and home appliances, alarms, security devices, and small industrial equipment.

The noise-tolerant ML62Q1300/1500/1700 devices provide safety features that correspond to 13 industry-leading items (IEC60730 regulations) related to home appliances, including a self-diagnostic function for detecting internal faults. According to Lapis, this makes it possible to protect systems from unexpected situations in both consumer and compact industrial equipment that requires stable operation under harsh conditions such as extreme noise and high temperatures.

There are 120 models available in a number of different package types and ROM capacities. Starter kits are available to evaluate LCD operation and capacitive switch on an application level, as well as a reference board to develop customised application programs.

The starter kits and reference board are compatible with Lapis Semiconductor‘s new LexIDE-U16 development environment (available for download at Lapis Semiconductor’s website) operating under the open source Eclipse platform. The microcontrollers with the ML62Q1000 capacitive switch starter kit and the ML62Q1367 reference board will be sold through online distributors, and others will be available in order.

The microcontrollers support 13 safety items (IEC60730 regulations) to protect home appliances. They must also be able to detect internal faults and terminate operation before returning to the initial state.

The LexIDE-U16 development environment is based on the open source Eclipse IDE with CDT (C/C++ development tooling) plug-in. Compared to the existing IDEU8, the editor function has been enhanced, file operability improved, and a stack size calculation tool has been added. It is now possible to call our proprietary DTU8 debugger, LCD image tool, MWU16 flash multi-writer, SCU16 stack size calculation tool, and other programs.

A full-function editor includes code auto-complement and code navigation functions, with synaptic colour function for colour-coded grammar, special function register (SFR) and condition compilation.

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