GlobalFoundries and Cadence announce mixed-signal OpenAccess PDK

A mixed-signal OpenAccess process design kit (PDK) for GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX platform is designed to support the implementation and verification of advanced mixed-signal and mmWave design.

It has been introduced to advance the adoption of the 22FDX platform and ensures that the qualified Cadence digital, custom and RF design tools seamlessly interoperate with the GF 22FDX platform. The PDK simplifies next-generation 5G mmWave, edge artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and automotive application design, says Cadence.

The Mixed-Signal OpenAccess PDK for the GF 22FDX platform enables an interoperable flow featuring the Cadence digital full flow and the Cadence custom and RF platforms. The digital full flow includes the Innovus Implementation System, Genus Synthesis, Liberate Characterization, Tempus Timing Signoff, Voltus IC Power Integrity solution, Quantus Extraction, Physical Verification and Litho Physical Analyzer. The Cadence custom and RF platforms include the Spectre Simulation platform including Spectre X and Spectre RF Simulators, Virtuoso Design, EMX Planar 3D Simulator, Virtuoso Integrated Physical Verification and the Voltus-Fi Custom Power Integrity solution.

Capabilities include advanced mixed-signal floorplanning, whereby designers can explore alternative floorplans while exchanging floorplan information through the OpenAccess database to choose the one with the best path to design closure.

There is also the ability to implement digital blocks within the Virtuoso environment. Designers can run automated digital block implementation with the Innovus Implementation System from within the Virtuoso platform with seamless constraints passing through the OpenAccess database.

For integrated timing signoff analysis, there is advanced timing signoff analysis for the mixed-signal SoCs. According to Cadence this breaks the limitation of the traditional black box model, for design convergence.

Mixed-signal EM-IR drop analysis is catered for with integrated signoff analysis of the power/ground nets in mixed-signal designs for EM-IR effects. This enables the analysis of very large designs containing data implemented in custom and place-and-route environments.

Other features are the capability for late-stage engineering change orders (ECOs) can be performed on a digital block that is already integrated into the full chip and stored in the OpenAccess database rather than having to repeat costly block implementation and integration.

The Mixed-Signal OpenAccess PDK for the GF 22FDX also has simpler chip-finishing, says Cadence. Designers can perform chip-finishing tasks such as DRC-fixing and inserting and editing manufacturing shapes using either the analogue or the digital tools because the entire, integrated mixed-signal design is available in the OpenAccess database.

“Our latest collaboration with Cadence ensures customers can use the qualified Cadence flow to create high-quality designs on our differentiated 22FDX platform for applications in high-growth markets including 5G mmWave, edge AI, IoT, automotive, satellite communications, and security,” said Richard Trihy, vice president of design enablement at GlobalFoundries.
The Cadence digital full flow, custom and RF platforms support the Cadence Intelligent System Design strategy, enabling customers to achieve SoC design excellence.

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