Hall-effect latch has high magnetic sensitivity, says Melexis

The MLX92214 is a robust Hall-effect latch for cost-sensitive applications such as power tools, PCs, servers, and home appliances. According to Melexis, it will simplify design and ensure stable magnetic characteristics.

The latch has high magnetic sensitivity that eases magnet selection and relieves constraints on the size of the air gap, explained Melexis. The mixed-signal CMOS sensor features an integrated chopper-stabilised amplifier that eliminates output offset. Power consumption is low, with a typical operating current of 2.1mA. The wide supply voltage range from 5.5 to 2.5V helps extend the runtime of battery-powered devices.

The ESD-withstand capability of the MLX92214 is 6kV (HBM) which enhances reliability in applications such as hand tools. In addition, the small CMOS chip size reduces susceptibility to mechanical stress, Melexis adds.

Capable of switching at up to 10kHz, the MLX92214 allows high sampling frequencies for precision measurement at fast rotational speeds. The values of operating (BOP) and release (BRP) switching points are symmetrical, which ensures predictable latching characteristics, and stability over the full operating temperature range. Two temperature grades are available, specified from -40 to +125 degrees C and -40 to +150 degrees C.

The MLX92214 is in full production and available in a three-pin thin small outline transistor (TSOT) surface-mount package, suitable for standalone PCB applications.

Melexis designs, develops and delivers micro-electronic products. Its mixed-signal semiconductor sensor and actuator components address the challenges of integrating sensing, driving and communication into next-generation products and systems that improve safety, raise efficiency, support sustainability and enhance comfort.

Melexis has used its core experience in creating chips for vehicle electronics to expand its portfolio of sensors, driver ICs and wireless devices to also meet the needs of smart appliances, home automation, industrial and medical applications.

Melexis sensing product range includes magnetic sensors, MEMS sensors (pressure, TPMS, infrared), sensor interface ICs, optoelectronic single point and linear array sensors and time of flight (ToF). The driver IC portfolio incorporates advanced DC and BLDC motor controllers, LED drivers and FET pre-driver ICs.

Melexis is headquartered in Belgium.


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