Harting adds Easy Access housings for industrial bus interface connectors

Connector specialist, Harting has added three models to its Easy Access series of housings for its D-Sub InduCom family of industrial bus interface connectors. The additions have 25, 15 and nine-poles and three straight cable-entry points each. They complement the existing 50- and 37-pole units, each with three straight cable-entry points, already available. The straight cable inputs lead to easier and faster assembly, even under cramped space conditions, claims Harting.

The range of standard InduCom housings for nine-, 15-, 25-, 37- and 50-poles means it was already possible to use three cable entries. However, two of the cable entries are located on the side, making it difficult to access the locking screws with a tool, explains Harting. It was therefore necessary to place the housings next to each other at a certain distance to enable easier locking and unlocking.

With the 37- and 50-pole Easy Access housings with three straight cable entries, the locking screws are more easily accessible. This means the housings can now be sited closer together, significantly easing assembly. The standard housings with 15- and nine-poles offer only a straight cable entry.

The new 25-, 15- and nine-poles versions now offer two straight cable entries in combination with easy accessibility to the locking screws, thus permitting the housings to be placed in very close proximity to one another. This development echoes the trend of miniaturisation and offers the customer valuable space savings in its application.

Harting also offers versions with captive hexagonal and knurled screws with 4-40UNC or M3 thread and versions with and without an internal grounding block. The housings are compatible with the existing crimp flange / crimp sleeve and cable clamping area.



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