Harting adds hinged frame module for ease of installation

A hinged frame module has been added by Harting to its Han-Modular industrial connector system.

The company claims that Hinged Frame Plus module offers advantages and cost savings to modular connector system.  It incorporates a stainless steel spring that holds the frame together in the open and closed positions, and other features that have been optimised to make assembling the connector modules easier and more efficient.

Lettering provides support, with all module positions evident at first glance. An additional marking with a black triangle indicates the orientation for proper insertion of the modules on the frame.

Insertion of the modules is easy, claims Harting, since the spring maintains the frame in the open position and the modules fall into a defined support edge. The frame windows are optimised so that they have a funnel-shaped opening with the modules automatically centred when the frames are closed. When locking, a contour fitted to the joint works in tandem with the stainless steel spring to produce a clearly audible click, and holds the frame securely together, meaning that the fixing elements previously used can be dispensed with.

The module is based on the design of the original hinged frame module, offering the same properties of high mechanical stability and compatibility with the entire Han-Modular connector range.

Despite the variety of over 100 different modules for power, data and signals, all available modules can be used without limitation, and no compromises need be made in terms of mechanical stability.

The Harting Group develops, manufactures and distributes electrical and electronic connectors, network components, pre-assembled system cables, and backplane assemblies, capable of withstanding the harshest demands in industrial environments and provide high data rates for electronic applications.

Harting connectors and network components are used in mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing, in automation systems, energy generation and distribution, and in electronic and telecommunication markets. Industrial connectors are also vital in construction machinery, rail vehicles and shipbuilding. Harting offers Ethernet network components and cable systems for both indoor and outdoor networking applications involving power and data.


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