Heating plate clicks for camera operation in sub-zero temperatures

Camera operation even in arctic temperatures and strong winds is assured with the latest compact heating plate from autoVimation. Its size makes it suitable for all Salamander, Gecko and Orca series housings from size S.

The heating plate introduces lateral clamping as an attachment method for easy installation because no components have to be removed, explained the company. The controlled heating plate has a built-in PT100 temperature sensor and is designed to consumer minimal energy, heat up quickly in interval operation and does not overheat at higher ambient temperature levels. It features exact temperature control with a freely adjustable setpoint and constantly provides the right heating power even with severe ambient temperatures fluctuations, said autoVimation. The large area heating keeps the camera temperature above freezing point at outside temperatures as low as -50 degrees C, minimises temperature differences in the housing and thus avoids dew points and condensation. The 75W and 24V DC heating plate is available as a set with a 5m connection cable and adjustable heating controller. It is supplied with a controller that can supply several heating plates. It also fits under the sun roof if that is required.

Established in 2008 and based in Karlsruhe, Germany, autoVimation was founded by Peter Neuhaus to provide solutions for easier installation and adjustment of image processing components. The company has developed a modular construction kit that simplifies the connection of all required components, which does away with costly and time-consuming manufacturing of dedicated mounting brackets. The product portfolio also includes compact enclosures that provide optimal protection for cameras and lenses in industrial applications, and ensure good heat dissipation. autoVimation supplies complete, ready-to-install mechanical solutions for cameras and light fittings, and enables the integration of special lenses, filters, light barriers, encoders, or other sensors.

autoVimation’s customers include renowned companies from various industry branches, such as the pharmaceutical and food industry, measuring technology, quality control, and security technology.


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