High-capacitance MLCCs suit EV and industrial environments

Multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) by Knowles Precision Devices, a division of Knowles, make up the Hiteca family. They are claimed to deliver low loss while offering high stability. 

The Hiteca MLCCs offer high capacitance stability over temperature and voltage, and lower parasitic losses under common operating conditions, says Knowles. 

They are designed to optimise the performance of power electronics used in demanding environments, such as electric vehicles (EVs) or industrial applications. The lower self-heating properties and low loss operation enable them to handle higher ripple currents than conventional ceramic capacitors.

“For power electronics, especially those used in high-temperature environments, customers can’t afford to protect capacitors with cooling systems that can add weight and increase their product’s overall footprint,” says Steve Hopwood, senior applications engineer, Knowles Precision Devices. “Hiteca MLCCs are designed to operate reliably and efficiently in a wide range of operating conditions and demanding applications,” he adds.

Hiteca MLCCs have a high capacitance range of 100pF to 680nF and voltage ratings up to 2kV with zero capacitance ageing. Using the patented dielectric system, the capacitors are able to achieve typical capacitance reduction of less than 45 per cent at full rated voltage. Hiteca MLCCs are particularly suitable for use in applications such as DC bus smoothing, advises Knowles and the non-piezo construction makes them suitable for snubber capacitors. 

Headquartered in Cazenovia, New York, USA, Knowles Precision Devices produces a wide variety of RF and microwave components and high-performance capacitors for use in critical applications in military, medical, electric vehicle and 5G market segments. 


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