High power motor driver for industrial and consumer applications

Infineon Technologies has launched the IFX007T NovalithIC motor driver for industrial applications. The smart half-bridge drives brushed and brushless motors, integrating a p-channel high-side MOSFET, an n-channel low-side MOSFET and a driver IC into one package.

Along with a microcontroller and power supply, no other devices are necessary to drive a motor.

The IFX007T is qualified according to JESD47I and can be used to drive motors with supplies up to 40V and peak currents up to 55A. The application range includes pumps, health care, home and garden appliances, industrial automation and fans.

The driver can be used in either half-bridge, H-bridge or three-phase configurations and motor speed can be adjusted via pulse width modulation up to 25 kHz.

Infineon says that ease of use is a key benefit of the integrated solution and it helps customers in the layout and manufacturing process while reducing stray inductances and external components. Additionally, only three general purpose microcontroller pins are needed to control a full H-bridge.

The IFX007T has integrated self-protection, including over-temperature and cross-current protection. Within an H-bridge configuration, the half-bridge approach provides logic redundancy – if one device fails, the other can still stop the motor.

Active freewheeling is possible from either the high side or the low side. An adjustable slew rate enables reduction of electromagnetic emissions.

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