High resolution radar sensor monitors vehicle’s blind spots

Using a Doppler division multiple access (DDMA)-based signal processing method, the AWR2944 radar sensor can help automotive makers implement systems that can detect vehicles further away than is possible today. The 77GHz sensor has been announced by Texas Instruments and is supplied in a small form factor which it claims is approximately 30 per cent smaller compared to radar sensors today. 

The AWR2944 sensor integrates a fourth transmitter to provide 33 per cent higher resolution than existing radar sensors, enabling vehicles to detect obstacles more clearly and avoid collisions. The DDMA signal processing improves the ability to sense oncoming vehicles at distances up to 40 per cent farther away than is currently possible. 

The high resolution radar sensor will enable driver assistance technology to more accurately monitor blind spots and efficiently navigate turns and corners to safely avoid collisions for improved advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), says the company.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, more than half of fatal and injury crashes occur at or near intersections or junctions. Texas Instruments says that the AWR2944 radar sensor can help vehicle manufacturers meet new safety regulations, enabling vehicles to detect obstacles more clearly to avoid collisions.    

“Visibility around corners has historically been challenging for autonomous and semiautonomous vehicles,” concedes Curt Moore, manager for Jacinto processors at TI. “For automated parking and driving, being able to see farther with devices like the AWR2944 sensor – and then seamlessly process that data with our Jacinto processors – leads to improved awareness and safety,” he believes.

The AWR2944 and an AWR2944 evaluation module (AWR2944EVM) are available now. 

Texas Instruments (TI) designs, manufactures, tests and sells analogue and embedded processing chips for markets such as industrial, automotive, personal electronics, communications equipment and enterprise systems. 


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