High-voltage analogue input module prepares for next-gen vehicles

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced the development of the GX90XA-10-V1 high-voltage analogue input module.

To be released on Monday, the GX90XA-10-V1 module enables Yokogawa recorders and data loggers to be used in performance evaluation tests for the development and production of electric vehicles (EVs), fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs), and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) as well as the on-board batteries used in such vehicles. Such tests typically require the measurement of multiple channels under high-voltage conditions.

Recorders and data acquisition systems (data loggers) are used on production lines and at product development facilities to acquire, display, and record data on temperature, voltage, current, flow rate, pressure, and other variables. To meet market needs and comply with industry-specific requirements and standards, Yokogawa will add the new I/O modules with enhanced functionality to this its OpreX Data Acquisition line-up.

For the development and production of EVs, FCVs, PHVs, and on-board vehicle batteries, performance evaluation tests involving the measurement of voltage levels in multiple battery cells must be performed. The batteries used in such vehicles can have hundreds of interconnected cells, and the voltage levels at all these points must be measured simultaneously. The test devices that are used must be capable of withstanding voltages of several hundred volts (high common mode voltage) that are typically applied between the measuring terminal and the ground. The high-voltage analogue input module developed by Yokogawa allows the measurement of multiple channels under high-voltage conditions. It is also suitable for the development and production of rechargeable batteries as well as vehicles that use those batteries.

The GX90XA-10-V1 analogue input module can be mounted on various OpreX Data Acquisition products, namely the GX series touchscreen paperless recorders, GP series portable paperless recorders, and GM10 scalable modular data loggers.

The GX90XA-10-V1 has two layers of insulation and can withstand a common mode voltage of up to 600V AC rms or 600V DC, and is capable of sampling data at intervals as short as 100 milli seconds. With the GX and GP series recorders, the module can accept up to 450 inputs, used with the GM10 data loggers it can accept up to 420. Such capabilities enable the input module to be used in tests on production lines and at development facilities that evaluate the performance of vehicle batteries with multiple channels and under high-voltage conditions. The module can also be used for evaluating the high voltage levels used in the electrolysis process in electrolysis tanks.

The GX and GP series recorders and the GM10 data loggers are compatible with the Ethernet LAN standard and the Modbus communications protocol, for use in industrial networks. They can connect and communicate with upper-level control systems and third-party products. When the GX90XA-10-V1 is mounted on a GX or GP series recorder or on a GM10 data logger, voltage measurement data can be monitored from a host system, and the collected data can be uploaded to a database for sharing.


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