HighTec wins the race to offer Rust Compiler for Infineon Aurix microcontrollers

Believed to be the first Rust compiler available for the 32bit Aurix multi-core architecture, HighTec EDV-Systeme said it enables the use of the Rust compiler with Aurix TC3x and TC4x microcontrollers. The pairing is designed for the development of safe, secure and smart mobility and industrial applications.

The Rust compiler joins HighTec’s portfolio of LLVM open-source based C/C++ compiler tools. This new offering targets customers in the automotive and industrial sectors which can now take advantage of the security and safety benefits of both the Aurix multi-core architecture and HighTec’s LLVM-based Rust compiler.

Recently, the programming language Rust has seen significant growth in popularity, driven by the increasing need for safe and secure systems, reported HighTec. Its memory management features, such as its ownership model, help prevent the types of vulnerabilities that are often the root cause of system failures and security breaches, said the company. 

Infineon’s Aurix microcontroller family has found applications in smart mobility applications in particular, where stringent safety and security requirements are required. The announcement means the robust safety and security features of the Rust programming language are combined with the ASIL D/SIL 3 certified Aurix TC3x and TC4x microcontrollers.

HighTec is the only compiler provider to be an Infineon Preferred Design House. Its Rust compiler for Aurix TC3x and TC4x leverages the modern open source LLVM technology, with an efficient backend. The compiler is characterised by its rapid build system and advanced code optimisations, which are specifically tailored to the architecture-specific functions of the Aurix microcontrollers. HighTec is able to accelerate the development and certification of safety critical applications across a range of industries, including automotive and industrial automation. 

The original HighTec C/C++ development platform is widely used by automotive manufacturers and Tier One suppliers. By 2024, HighTec plans to offer a safety qualified Aurix Rust compiler.

HighTec’s initial Aurix Rust package includes the Rust compiler tools consisting of  cargo build system, Rust libraries, hardware abstraction, and board support package (BSP) for TC375. There are also integrated examples including the use of C based peripheral drivers and documentation.

The examples have been designed in co-operation with Elexir. For Rust HLL (high level language) debugging, developers can use the Lauterbach Trace32 debugger. 


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