Hybrid capacitors evolve Panasonic Industry’s ZS series

Two electrolytic polymer hybrid capacitors from Panasonic Industry are both an evolution of the company’s ZS series, says the company.

The ZU and ZSU series of electrolytic polymer hybrid capacitors are designed to provide reliability and efficiency in automotive engineering, while also meeting the increasing expectations of comfort, functionality and safety in each new car generation.

The successors to the ZS series of hybrid capacitors are the ZU and ZSU. The ZU types focus on reducing power dissipation, with 25 to approximately 63V DC at 8.0 to around 12mOhm. The ZSU series excels at capacitance, says Panasonic Industry, with 25 to approximately 63V DC and 120 to around 1000microF capacitance.

The ZU series is able to withstand ripple currents up to 53 per cent better than its predecessor, said Panasonic Industry. It has a diameter of 10 x 12.5mm with 25V DC, to achieve 5.0A rms for the 10 x 16.5mm equivalent 5.8A rms.

The ZSU series achieves 25V DC (10 x 12.5mm diameter) and 680microF for the 10 x 16.5mm equivalent 1000 microF.

The ZU series can endure 4,000 hours temperature at 135 or 125 degrees C, which is one of the highest tolerance currently available, added Panasonic Industry. These parameters are particularly well-suited to harsh engine requirements in automotive design, but equally suitable for industrial environments.

Panasonic Industry offers the AEC-Q200 compliant ZU and ZSU types as vibration proof versions for 6.0mm diameter or above, withstanding shocks of up to 30G.

The ZU hybrid capacitors suit applications wherever high ripple current is essential, for example automotive 48V applications in integrated starter generators (ISG), DC/DC, oil pumps, water pumps or fan motors.

The ZSU series is particularly well-suited to applications requiring increased capacitance, for example electric power steering (EPS), e-compressors, advanced driver assistance systems or in oil-pumps.

In addition to automotive projects, the ZU and ZSU hybrid capacitors are suitable for basestation power supply, industrial motor inverters or communication devices, added Panasonic Industry.


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