Hybrid flyback controller has high density for USB PD applications

To meet the increasing demand for higher power density and energy efficiency, Infineon Technologies has expanded its XDP family with the first application-specific standard product based on an asymmetric half-bridge flyback topology. The XDPS2201 is a highly integrated, multi-mode, digital and configurable hybrid flyback controller targeting high density, AC/DC power supplies, including USB PD fast charger and adapter applications. It is available in a DSO-14 SMD package.

The XDPS2201 combines the simplicity of a traditional flyback topology with the performance of a resonant converter. According to Infineon, this allows natural soft switching, which reduces switching losses associated with high switching frequency designs. The controller enables zero voltage switching (ZVS) and zero current switching (ZCS) across AC line inputs, load conditions and variable output voltages. This makes it particularly suitable for high frequency designs with a planar transformer that can typically be found in USB PD charger applications.

For optimal performance under various output voltage, load and line input conditions, the XDPS2201 has an intelligent, self-adaptive digital algorithm. It supports multi-mode operation to select the most appropriate mode for each condition to yield a continuously high efficiency level. The hybrid flyback controller also integrates a comprehensive suite of protection features, including brown-in and brown-out, dual-level over-current, output over-voltage, output under-voltage and over-temperature detection.

The asymmetric half-bridge flyback topology allows the implementation of CoolMOS MOSFETs to achieve highest system efficiency and power density. The XDPS2201 is driving both high- and low-side MOSFETs in an asymmetrically controlled manner. An integrated high side driver saves up to 20 external components for significant bill of material savings.

Infineon also points out that the XDPS2201’s topology enables a snubber-less design and the use of high voltage MOSFETs from 500V and above to further reduce the number of components required.

The XDPS2201 supports highest power density designs with an efficiency of up to 93.8 per cent and more than 92 per cent on average across different AC line and load conditions.

The XDPS2201 is available in a DSO-14 SMD package and can be ordered now.


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