Hybrid instruments generate and acquire faster signals

Eight high speed hybrid instruments from Spectrum Instrumentation expand the hybridNETBOX offering to a total of 14. Described as a generator and digitiser in one box, the eight hybridNETBOX models generate and acquire faster signals, says the company.

The instrumentation platform combines a multi-channel arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and a digitiser in a single portable unit. They are capable of simultaneous signal generation and acquisition, for applications involving stimulus-response or closed-loop testing.

The complete portfolio of hybridNETBOX-models are available with 2+2, 4+4 or 8+8 matched channels and speeds from 40Msamples per second to 1.25Gsamples per second.

The new models offer a choice of two or four AWG channels combined with the same number of digitiser channels. The AWG channels can generate almost any waveshape by virtue of the high resolution, 16-bit DACs. Models are available with output rates of either 625Msamples per second or 1.25Gsamples per second and signal bandwidths up to 400MHz (600MHz is available as an option). At 625Msamples per second, the channels can be programmed to output signals with amplitudes up to ±3.0V into a 50 Ohm load or ± 6.0V into high impedance (1M Ohm). The models running at 1.25Gsamples per second can output signals with ± 2.5V into 50 Ohm and ±5.0V for 1M Ohm.

For signal acquisition, there is the choice of models that provide 16-bit resolution and sampling rates of 180 or 250Msamples per second or 14-bit resolution and sampling rates of 400 or 500Msamples per second. Each channel is programmable with six adjustable input ranges, from ±200mV to ±10V full scale, signal offset and selectable input impedance of 50 Ohm or 1M Ohm.  A flexible clocking system on the AWG and the digitiser allows the selection of almost any output or sampling rate setting, says Spectrum. This allows users to generate or acquire signals at a speed of their choice.    

Electronic signals can be created and acquired simultaneously, suitable for automated testing. For example, they can reproduce and capture echo signals in radar, lidar or ultrasound. The hybridNETBOX is also suited to ATE applications where components and sub-assemblies need to be tested quickly in an automated process. They can quickly ascertain the functionality and tolerance of devices under test or units under test (DUTs or UUTs) by exercising them with numerous, easily adjusted, complex signals. This testing process can be deployed in bus testing, MIMO communications, circuit verification, robotics, automotive and scientific experiments.

Each hybridNETBOX includes Spectrum’s SBench 6 control software, for signal generation, acquisition, display, signal processing, storage and reporting. SBench 6 allows waveforms to be created using standard functions and mathematical equations. Data can be acquired with the digitiser part and then be transferred to the AWG for replay. Data sharing with other programs or devices, such as oscilloscopes, is possible using built-in, import/export functions for transferring data in Binary, ASCII or Wave formats.

The hybridNETBOX comes with drivers for Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as programming examples for C++, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Visual Basic .NET, JAVA, Python and other popular languages.


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