Hyperlux HP image sensors extend battery life, says onsemi

Battery life in smart home and smart office devices can be extended with the Hyperlux LP image sensor, said onsemi.
They are suitable for industrial and commercial cameras such as smart doorbells, security cameras, AR / VR / XR headsets, machine vision and video conferencing. These 1.4 micron pixel sensors have low power consumption while maximising performance to capture crisp, vibrant images even in difficult lighting conditions., said the company.
Depending on the use case, customers can choose between the 5Mpixel AR0544, the 8Mpixel AR0830 or the 20Mpixel AR2020.
The stacked architecture design minimises the footprint and at its smallest approaches the size of a grain of rice, making it ideal for devices where size is critical, claimed onsemi.
The sensor can be used in home security cameras which demand high image quality, reliability and long battery life.
The image sensors can deliver clear images and more accurate object detection even in harsh weather and lighting conditions. Additionally, these cameras are often placed in locations that can be difficult to access to replace or recharge batteries, making low power consumption a critical feature.
To optimise performance, the sensors incorporate a wake on motion feature which enables them to operate in a low power mode that draws a fraction of the power needed in the full performance mode. Once the sensor detects movement, it moves to a higher performance state in less time than it takes to snap a photo.
Another feature is smart region of interest (ROI) delivering more than one ROI to give a context view of the scene at reduced bandwidth and a separate ROI in original detail.
The near-infrared (NIR) performance delivers superior image quality, said onsemi, due to the silicon design and pixel architecture, with minimal supplemental lighting.
It also reduces thermal noise and eliminates the need for heat sinks, reducing the overall cost of the vision system.
In addition to smart home devices, the Hyperlux LP family can be used in video conferencing systems.
The Hyperlux LP image sensor family will be available in Q1 2023.


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