Imagination adds hardware virtualised GPU core for automotive displays

A high performance GPU core from Imagination Technologies supports the multiple, high resolution displays for cluster, head-up displays (HUDs) and infotainment that automotive manufactures are fitting to car interiors. Thanks to an 80 per cent fillrate density improvement over the previous generation, the Furian architecture-based four-cluster PowerVR Series8XT GT8540 GPU can simultaneously drive up to six 4K screens with complex user interfaces at 60 frames per second.   

The four-cluster PowerVR Series8XT enables automotive OEMs to deliver secure, high-performance graphics capabilities for a vehicle’s many displays, says Imagination. The PowerVR hardware virtualization can separate services and applications, ensuring they remain secure against system intrusion or data corruption. The platform can support up to eight applications or services running in separate containers at the same time and automotive OEMs can deploy and remove services as required, without affecting others running at the same time.

As more in-car infotainment systems move towards richer operating systems, such as Android with the capability to run apps, the importance of a GPU capable of full hardware virtualisation to contain rogue apps is of increasing importance, maintains Imagination. The PowerVR GPU allows a rich graphical environment for the infotainment system, while protecting the dashboard and other critical displays from being affected by malware. The single GPU enables higher levels of system integration, reducing costs, whilst maintaining the safety critical requirements of the design, says Imagination.

The  PowerVR four-cluster Series8XT enables automotive OEMs to design systems to prioritise either graphics or compute-based applications. The Series8XT GT8540 can support long-running compute workloads on a single shader processing unit (SPU) for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) functions such as lane departure warning, blind-spot detection, and surround view. Other tasks, such as infotainment and cluster, can run on the second SPU, using prioritising mechanisms to reach system performance targets.

The PowerVR Series 8XT GT8540 is now ready for licensing.

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