In-circuit test suite improves PCBA throughput

To improve test throughput and the operational efficiency of the PCB assembly (PCBA) manufacturing, Keysight offers the i3070 series 6 in-circuit test (ICT) improves throughput and operational efficiency of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) manufacturing.

Manufacturers working in the 5G, IoT and the automotive and energy industries are faced with a highly complex, connected global manufacturing environment. As manufacturing operations evolve, test systems that can provide high throughput as well as consistent and repeatable results are needed to leverage the advantages of a smart factory environment including industry 4.0.

The i3070 series 6 ICT supports a range of PCBA sizes for applications including IoT and 5G, as well as automotive and energy. The i3070 features a unique design that delivers the shortest signal path between measurement circuitry and devices under test to minimise undesired effects from parasitic capacitance, improve immunity to crosstalk, and eliminate stray signal coupling effects, delivering consistent and repeatable measurements.

It improves test efficiency with up to four times faster boundary scan, silicon nails and dynamic flash programming to improve throughput and faster fabrication, reports Keysight. It also offers minimal downtime for software installation with 100 per cent backwards-compatibility.

It also provides operational efficiency, improved test data insights, reduced response times and operating expenses with certified machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities, such as IPC Connected Factory Exchange (IPC-CFX) and the IPC-HERMES-9852 standards.

Energy costs can be reduced via a smart power supply which intelligently monitors power consumption and reports energy savings. Modern software licensing that demystifies license costs, centralises licence management and scales to meet production demand.

The manufacture of PCBAs has shifted to new locales due to macro-economic realities, explains Keysight. It is crucial that in-circuit test platforms provide cross-geographic flexibility, where a test program written on one system can be quickly transported to another system that may be continents away,” said Christopher Cain, vice president and general manager for Keysight ‘s electronic industrial products. “The i3070 series 6 in-circuit test platform provides transportable test capabilities and adds advanced industry 4.0 technology to deliver high yield, fast throughput and best-in-class operational efficiency for our top-tier printed circuit assembly manufacturing customers,” he added.

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