Infineon introduces first current sensor in industrial family

The first member of Infineon Technology’s current sensor family for industrial applications is the XENSIV TLI4971.

The family will consist of stable, coreless Hall sensors. Users can program individual product parameters to tailor the device for current range, over-current threshold and the output mode.

The XENSIV TLI4971 is the first sensor in the family to be released. It covers measurement ranges from ±25 to ±120A and is designed for industrial applications such as electric drives up to 50kW or photovoltaic (PV) inverters. Further members of the product family to follow in 2020 will be qualified for automotive applications, says Infineon.

The coreless open loop current sensor offers an accurate and stable current measurement which is provided as an analogue output voltage. The sensor uses Infineon’s temperature and stress compensation for sensitivity error as low as two per cent at room temperature. It can be reduced below two per cent with a single point in-system calibration, advises Infineon. Differential measurement with two Hall cells ensures high accuracy even in a noisy environment with cross-talk from adjacent current lines or magnetic stray fields, adds the company.

The TLI4971 has two output pins for fast over-current signals. Customers can program the threshold levels of the over-current signals and adopt them to system requirements without the need of further external components. The signals can be used for pre-warning and system shut-down. In addition, the device also provides a signal in case of an over- or under-voltage condition for the supply voltage.

As the design is coreless, the TLI4971 fits into an 8.0 x 8.0 x 1.0mm leadless QFN type package (TISON-8). The layout of the current rail provides best in class thermal performance for currents up to 120 A, at no extra cost, claims Infineon. The sensor is intended for use in high voltage application and incorporates galvanic isolation up to 1.1kV (maximum repetitive isolation voltage V IORM).

The XENSIV TLI4971 will begin sampling in August and will be launched in September 2019.

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